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Businesses, visitors and residents already think of Dunfermline as a vibrant, interesting city.  We want to build on this and establish Dunfermline as an area to be invested in by business, local residents as well as a go to destination for external traffic. 

Dunfermline offers:

  • A wide variety of art and cultural events
  • Excellent shopping
  • Terrific nightlife for all ages
  • Easy accessibility
  • Affordable outdoors and leisure activities
  • A rich history and heritage
  • Excellent business support
  • A great experience for all


Our Aims and Objectives

  • To deliver positive economic returns for our members and partners through collaborative activities, festivals and events


  • To be the voice of the area and advocate for all who invest, work, visit and live in Scotland’s ancient capital


  • To encourage the growth, success and prosperity of Dunfermline through inward investment, marketing and promotion