New Organisation Created With Remit To Put Dunfermline First

Details of a new organisation, set up to represent the interests of Dunfermline, have been announced today.

BIDS company, Dunfermline Delivers, plan to merge with Dunfermline First to become Dunfermline First BID with a remit to deliver a cohesive approach to the regeneration of the city.

Dunfermline First is a fledgling organisation supported by Fife Council that has recently received funding to deliver a calendar of events designed to increase the number of visitors coming into Dunfermline. Recent dialogue with Dunfermline Delivers has identified synergies between both organisations and the proposal to merge seems like a logical step to take.

Backed by the Council, local businesses, community groups and political parties, Dunfermline First BID will be responsible for championing the interests of businesses and those living and working in the city.  It will broaden the existing offer and look to build on Dunfermline’s many cultural attractions and quality green space.

Speaking on the announcement, BID company chairman, Michael Maloco, who has played a significant part in steering the Bids through some difficult times said: “Dunfermline offers a great quality of life, has a thriving cultural scene and a rich heritage – there’s no disputing that there are lots of organisations seeking to advance Dunfermline – what’s missing is a shared vision and cohesive approach to making it happen.  Dunfermline First will fulfill that role.”

Michael, who has completed four years as Dunfermline Delivers Chair, has announced that he is to step down.  Michael explains: “I had already planned to stand down in June 2014 following the renewal ballot, however, the merging with Dunfermline First seems like a sensible time to hand over the reins.

He added: “Dunfermline Delivers has achieved a great deal.  We know there is more work to be done to support our levy payers and there is a clear plan in place as to how we can achieve this. “ 

Dunfermline First will be supported by an executive committee made up of directors from Dunfermline Delivers and the existing Dunfermline First executive. 

Cllr Helen Law commented, “Dunfermline has often been criticised for the proliferation of groups and this fusing of groups shows that everyone is working together to regenerate our city. The consolidation brings additional resources to the table in the shape of new staff funded in part through donations from The Alhambra Theatre, Fife Cultural Trust and the recently wound up Royal Dunfermline.