Street Pastors

Party-on! Pastors celebrate five years on Dunfermline’s High Street

For five years, Dunfermline’s revellers have been looked after in their hour of need by The Street Pastors.  From slippers to lollypops, phone chargers to taxi’s home, the volunteers from Dunfermline Churches have worked to support Dunfermline Delivers’ vision to create a lively and safe city.

Each weekend, the Street Pastors have become a much-valued part of the Dunfermline night experience. Along with Taxi Marshalls and Pub Watch, the Street Pastors are credited with making the town centre a safer place for night-time visitors.

Their work was endorsed by Dunfermline achieving Purple Flag status in recognition of the town’s high standards of excellence in managing the evening and night-time economy.

Now celebrating their five-year milestone, Chairman of Dunfermline Street Pastors, Moss Barclay, 70, looks back over some of the memorable moments manning Dunfermline’s streets.

“People get lost, they have no money, no mobile phone charge and their friends have disappeared. We can give them a cup of tea and charge their phone while they sit in our ‘safe zone’ - our vehicle that is parked outside Weatherspoons. One woman didn’t know how she was going to get home to Kincardine but we walked up to the taxi rank with her, found a driver who knew her, was willing to take her home and wait while she got money from her house.”

Ironically, one of the most common reactions to the offer of bath slippers after walking around in high heels all night is more often than not, ‘it feels like heaven!’ The comical value of which is not lost on the pastors, but greeted with the knowledge that they are helping someone in need.

Adding her support of the Street Pastors is Dunfermline Delivers’ Chief Executive, Maggie Mitchell.  She said: “We would like to commend these volunteers who do so much to support Dunfermline’s reputation as a lively and safe place to enjoy a night out.  With so much effort going into creating some great events, it is important that visitors feel welcome and looked after.”

Of the 30 Street Pastors that patrol Dunfermline’s streets, 9 are trained in first-aid. Walking round in groups of three or four, all have completed 50 hours of training, acquired their PVGs (Protection of Vulnerable Groups Vetting) and operate under the Ascension Trust Scotland.

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